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Liann Li Technologies Corporation, Taiwan Branch

Part of the group’s diversification efforts, Liann Li Technologies’ core business is the development and marketing of dietary supplements (or health foods). In the future, it will also include high-quality products for all aspects of life. The company primarily researches specialty raw materials for the field of biotechnology, focusing on specially-designed supplement products for different age groups and demographics, all supported by scientific experimentation. The company strictly monitors everything from raw materials to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and trade marketing. Liann Li Technologies seeks to establish a model in the consumer market, giving consumers excellent products at a truly reasonable price.
TVBS is the trailblazer in the news world, and shoulders the responsibility of educating the audience about the latest happenings!
According to the chairman’s media business philosophy, Liann Li Technologies will care for both the land and the people as it takes both international and Taiwan’s own special patents and high quality materials covered in published journals and uses them in daily food products, household items, and the healthy lifestyle field. By exhibiting this care for Taiwan people, the company can set its sights on the Chinese-speaking world in the future.
In an age of high technology, health care has become a trendy lifestyle attitude. We have deep self-expectations, and hope for ever-greater acknowledgement.



Fantastic Production Co., Ltd

Fantastic Production’s founding spirit is to produce excellent Taiwanese dramas and to cultivate professional screenwriting and acting talent to create more quality content for Taiwan’s film and television industry.
Since its establishment, Fantastic Production has worked with many well-known screenwriters, directors, and actors. It has produced many popular programs, such as Youth Power, Taste of Love, and Stand By Me. These dramas not only aired on Taiwanese television and new media platforms, but also successfully entered overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. This greatly increased the reputation of Taiwanese dramas. In 2018, the company produced Nana’s Game, successfully creating a cross-channel cooperation model. Fantastic Production is now working on its newest high-quality drama, Heavenly Smile, which is sure to meet audience expectations.
At the same time, Fantastic Production is focused on discovering Taiwan’s film and television professional talent, holding annual workshops for screenwriters and rookies. These classes are taught by professional screenwriters and teachers. This proactive cultivation of talent brings new blood into the industry, while producing synergy for Fantastic Production’s vertical integration.
In the future, Fantastic Production will continue to provide production space and resources as a platform for talented drama creators to flourish and to increase cooperation opportunities for new talent and Taiwanese dramas. At the same time, the company will actively seek international cooperation to increase the market for Taiwanese programs, in the hopes of fanning the flames of Taiwanese dramas and creating more excellent productions.