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In the 2024 presidential and legislative elections, TVBS News' special coverage of the vote counting attracted an audience of 4.05 million viewers, making it the most-watched program among all television channels in Taiwan. The live broadcast on the "TVBS NEWS" YouTube channel reached a peak of 175,000 simultaneous online viewers, with an accumulated viewing count surpassing 5 million, marking it as the most-watched live stream in Asia on that day.


TVBS News Channel and TVBS Asia have broadcasted on M1, Singtel, and StarHub, the three major telecom systems in Singapore, providing comprehensive coverage to the Chinese-speaking audience in Singapore.


TVBS News Channel broadcasted a special report on the 2022 Taiwanese local elections, reaching an audience of over 4 millions viewers, achieving an average viewership rating of 3.70, with a peak momentary viewership of 4.94 and gross rating point of 137.45. In terms of both viewership numbers and viewing time, it consistently ranked as the top news channel across the entire Taiwan broadcasting landscape.


The TV programs “Queen” and “Super Taste” have successfully linked online and offline to build an IP ecosystem, and were recognized by the Harvard Business Review's first “Digital Transformation Award”, the only media company to receive the award.


TVBS News channel has broadcasted on Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd TV system in Malaysia. It is the second south-east country where cable TV operator provides TVBS News channel for local audience.


"Girls' Power”, a self-produced premier TV drama, has a record high viewership rating of 3.62, the highest rating for a drama program since the launch of TVBS.


By combining its IP brands, such as TVBS News, Queen, Super Taste, HEALTH 2.0, and Gold Line, the Company has created a comprehensive media operation combining news coverage, entertainment, e-commerce channels, performing arts agents, and biotechnology products.


Girls’ Power, a major soap opera produced by TVBS, has not only broken records in terms of viewership ratings, but has also become the number one in-category Chinese-language TV drama series in the nation in terms of viewership, setting an important milestone for Taiwan’s self-produced drama variety shows.


TVBS Foundation has organized the first“Sustainable and Constructive News Award " for mandarin journalists on 17th September 2017. This is the first News Award aimed to encourage constructive news and targeted on issues of “Ecological Civilization “and“ Sustainable Development” world.


TVBS family has officially launched its first MOD channel, TVBS E!.


TVBS released a new CIS and changed its company name to “TVBS MEDIA INC.“, a comprehensive technology media company that upholds the 3T core values of Truth, Trust, and Technology.


Lih Mao Investments Co., Ltd. and Ting Kuang-Hung, the legal representative of PSU Corporation, jointly purchased the 47% stake in TVBS held by TVB Hong Kong, making TVBS a 100% Taiwanese-owned company.


Obtained 6 major awards from the 50th Golden Bell Awards which is the highest number of award obtained since its establishment.


The investment holdings companies Lih Mao, Te En, and Lien Hsin jointly acquired 53% stake of TVBS held by TVB Hong Kong.


The Virtual Objects technology, an identical technology to BBC’s, was applied on the election coverage.


TVBS Media Group firstly purchased full 4K production systems for drama, entertainment and documentary production. TVBS is also the first commercial TV broadcaster who had utilized 4K technology in Greater China.


Obtained 2014 FIFA World Cup cable broadcasting right. TVBS Media Group is the first television station that applied HD technology to broadcast major international sport activities in Taiwan.


Milestone of Taiwan TV history : All TVBS Media Group local channels-TVBS, TVBS News, and TVBS Entertainment-have accomplished upgrading to 100% HD format, leading Taiwanese television industry into the new era of high-definition imaging.


TVBS News Channel upgraded its broadcast format unto full HD format and it has become the very first HD television channel in Taiwan.


Dragon Gate, the first TVBS-produced drama series, represented TVBS returning to the drama industry.


The New Media Department was set up.


FOCUS broadcasted, program scheduled at 7pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday. The one-hour news focusing in-depth coverage on global economy and happenings you must know.


Mr. Harvey Chang was elected by the Board of Directors as Chairman, succeeding Mr. Leung. Also, “Justice and Innovation” are assured the core values of TVBS Media Group.


Officially, TVBS-G was renamed TVBS Entertainment. TVBS-NEWS was renamed TVBS News.


Relocated TVBS headquarter to the newly-built building in Ruiguang Road, Neihu District.


Launched TVBS News Channel in Singapore. It is the only “news-only” channel established by a Taiwanese TV in Singapore.


Mr. Norman Leung was elected by the Board of Directors as Chairman, succeeding Mr. Chiu.


Established the first International Broadcast Center (IBC) for the Presidential Election in Taiwan.


TVBS produced and broadcasted the first “Taipei New Year’s Eve Countdown Party” sponsored by Taipei City Government. Henceforward this countdown party becomes the most iconic year


Occurrence of 921 Earthquake in Taiwan. Exerting the power of media influence, TVBS collected over 1.1 billion NT Dollars from 56,213 donators


TVBS Asia launched-the first infotainment TV channel covering overseas markets, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, United States, etc.


Established the first television poll center in Taiwan.


TVBS-NEWS, the first 24-hour news channel in Taiwan launched.


TVBS-G launched - the first entertainment-only channel in Taiwan.


Launched the first nation-wide television call-in program 2100, People Talk. Viewers were invited to discuss the public matters on live TV show.


TVBS Media Group first debuted on September 28, 1993, as the very first privately owned TV Station in Taiwan.


With HK TVB’s 70% shareholding and Taiwan ERA Group’s 30% shareholding, they co-found Liann Yee Production CO., LTD. Mr. Chiu Fu-sheng was elected by the Board of Directors as Chairman.