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The Chairperson

Mr. Wen-chi Chen, founder and chairperson of VIA Technologies, is a pioneer of Taiwanese electronics and computer industry. He obtained a master degree of computer science from California Institute of Technology and another master degree of Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University. Wen-chi established VIA in 1987 which became the largest motherboard and chipset manufacturer in the world and gained over 50% global market share. Therefore, Wen-chi was honored with “The Stars of Asia, Best Asian Entrepreneur” by BusinessWeek in the USA and elected “Top 50 Leaders on the Forefront of Change” as well.


In 1998, Wen-chi founded VIA Foundation and focused on supporting public welfares, teenage educations and disadvantaged minorities. He has extended business to media industry and led TVBS since 2015. By adopting latest technologies, TVBS has grown into the Taiwanese leading medium brand in journalism, drama, and TV production industry.


Wen-chi has elected chairperson of TVBS since 2019 and set “Trust”, “Truth”, and “Technology” as management cores. He is keen to introduce into latest technology to provide most accurate and truest information and build the most trustworthy medium brand. In addition to media innovation, Wen-chi also guide business transformation of TVBS that makes TVBS become a multidimensional brand with various service in content, marketing, journalism, drama, event, and online shopping.