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補班日別鬱卒! 「陽光露臉」各地多雲到晴
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TVBS Group Channels
TVBS Entertainment - The Number One Channel for Entertainment and Dramas
TVBS Entertainment Channel has a plethora of entertainment programming, with Lady First, Something about Work and Global Chinese Music all taking the lead to set new trends. Super Taste kicked off the craze for affordable, delicious cuisine, and has gone on all over the world. And, the Super Taste series and Girls on Tour have created a whole new “TVBS Entertainment Channel Travel Line”.
Lady First is Taiwan’s first-ever program custom made for women. It bridges television, magazines, the Internet and online shopping. Singapore’s StarHub licensed its own version of Lady First, making it the first Taiwanese television program brand and model to successfully be exported overseas!

In 2014, TVBS Entertainment cooperated for the first time with China’s CCTV to create Taiwan’s largest music program, Global Chinese Music. Together with KKBOX, Hit FM, and, the three biggest music charts in the Chinese-speaking world, the program picks the ten most popular songs each week, letting viewers vote online for their favorite. In 2015’s Golden Bell Awards, Global Chinese Music won “the Best Variety Program” and “Best Host in a Variety Program” awards for its outstanding content! In 2016, it won the “Best Innovative Program” at the 51th Golden Bell Awards.

TVBS’ drama center combines the best actors, editors, and producers from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong to create a base for Chinese-language television in Taiwan. It has produced several extremely popular series: Dragon Gate; Kiss me, mom!; The way we were; Rock ‘n’ Road; Boysitter; Youth Age; Taste of Love; Life List; Stand By Me and Family Time. Many of these programs have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture, and were awarded flagship grants among other honors. The way we were made a big splash in the 50th Golden Bell Awards in 2015, claiming the awards for "Best Television Series", "Best Directing for a Television Series", and "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series"!